Get involved and make the difference

Part of why I wanted to set up this shop, is to be able to fundraise regularly. £1.50 from every sale goes to charity and I am hoping eventually all proceeds will do. I want Hope Squad to be about community and making a difference, not profit for profits sake.

Currently I am fundraising for Inspire Suffolk. A local grass roots charity who are helping young people avoid or get out of traumatic situations such as family breakdowns, homelessness and gang crime. I have met the team and they are really passionate about their work, ensuring that all of their funds really do benefit the young people.

Win £50

I am running a mini lottery in aid of the fundraising event below. To enter you can choose a number for £5, my son will draw a number from a hat on instagram live, and that person will win £50!

Pop here to buy your ticket!

Strictly Come Dancing

As part of this I am taking part in their version of Strictly Come Dancing (called Strictly Inspire Suffolk). I have been to dance training almost every other night. Learning two professional dances is no easy task when you dance like a baby elephant like I do! I have no dance experience and am being supported by the amazing professionals at Suffolk Dance School who are giving their time up for free. Every penny we raise goes to the charities amazing work. We pay for extra lesson, costumes etc ourselves. I am hoping to raise £500. Please make a donation here. Honestly even if you can only afford £1 you really will be a part of making a difference to children straight away.

Charities I’ve donated to through Hope Squad in the past:

Ipswich Light house project: Providing support and refuge to women and children fleeing domestic violence. I used to work for them so I know how in need they are.