I’ve been lucky that occasionally brands and services want to work with us on our blog or youtube channel. I built this blog with a lot of late nights, deep breaths before hitting publish on emotional posts and annoying my husband by being on my laptop instead of cleaning, so I wouldn’t let it be used by just anyone. I’ve got to know you guys over the years, and would feel awful presenting you with something that wasn’t honest, so I am going to explain below how things work. If you are brand considering working with us, along with the information below particularly the information regarding no-follow links, please contact me for a link to my collaboration page which will include my statistics and work examples etc.
Complimentary Products/Services

Sometimes brands have gifted us products or days out. Where I feel these products
would be useful for you guys too and we as a family would enjoy them, I
have reviewed or included them either in a blog post or in the Youtube vlogs.
  All gifted products or tickets are indicated by a * in their first mention in the post or within the video or
description box clearly.

Sponsored Posts or videos
Every now and again I may be asked to publish a sponsored post on The Girl Behind The Camera or my social media.
It’s very rare for me to say yes to these, but is basically a brand asking me to write about them or make a video about them. 
I will only accept sponsored posts where I agree with the subject matter and feel it would be of interest for families. It will be stated clearly in the blog post if it is sponsored at the start. I am completely transparent with you. Like I say this is rare though as I like to write from the heart, on late nights when my head needs a ramble!
Sometimes brands want to show off their new fandangled product to you by giving some away. If I think its something you guys would like then you will see a competition held. A link to the terms and conditions for these is in every post of that type.
Affiliate links
If I share a product with you, I will sometimes use an affiliate link. This means that though I bought the product myself, I search for it on an affiliate site and use the link from there. If you make a purchase though the link (eg Amazon), then Amazon give me a few pence in return. It doesn’t cost you any more than usual.

Follow/No Follow links

I conform to google guidelines. Where I am sharing a product or service I have paid for myself it may be a follow link. Where I have been asked to share the product or service with you by a brand or PR company, I will always use no follow links.
I observe intellectual property rights.
I only allow some of my work and photos to be reproduced with written permission and linked attribution.