Asking for help

Asking for help can feel an incredibly big step, especially something that seems as private as making a family or dealing with the unique quirks it brings, but I know from experience it could also totally change your life. Sharing a problem, or even just a bundle of feelings that are filling up your head, can feel like a weight lifted. It can help clear your mind to make way for new beginnings. If you feel ready to ask there are many options out there

If you have any to add to the list, I would love for you to let me know

Wishing you could push a panic button right now? Head straight over to Samaritans to talk by phone or email


Fertility Network UK offer a range of advice, local support groups if coffee and cake would help you take the next step (cake always helps right?) an a phone line.

Health Unlocked  is part of NHS choices, offering a forum.

Daisy Network supports people through Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. In fact it was one of the first places I found for support when I was 15, newly diagnosed

HFEA is the UK government organisation overseeing fertility treatments. There is a wealth of information, you can check out clinic ratings, and get advice on funding in your area.

Fertility Friends houses a friendly online forum. The women there are incredibly helpful and knowledgable. You can get an idea of real life experiences and search for real life clinic experiences. There is also a “lads” room for males too.

You can contact British infertility counselling association for advice on qualified counsellors in your area

Resolve is an American association which can help in finding s support group, local experts and insurance.

ChannelMum have a trying to conceive forum, where you can post anonymously if you wish. Dr Larisa Cordon pops by to offer professional advice too. It’s probably most comfortable to use if you are in the struggle for a sibling as you need to get past all the mum stuff first!

Mens Health Forum or for secondary infertility, The Dad Network are a huge bunch of dads, some of which have been there before, including their founder Al having been through devastating multi miscarriage



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