What I Wish I’d Known About IVF

What I Wish I’d Known About IVF

I’m back with another question I asked the Hope Squad Community , this time what they wish they had known when they started IVF. Whilst it is not always positive, it is real. We can face things better when we know what we will be facing and know we are not alone. Good luck if you are at the beginning of your journey and thank you to my Hope Squad for sharing their journeys

They said:

“I wish I’d known the Rules and how to find your CCG information”

“That each cycle can be so different, I’ve done 5 rounds and responded quite differently each time”

“How physically demanding it is. Full ovaries are beyond uncomfortable!”

“I didn’t tell my employer we were going through this until our third cycle. I wish I had from the first as they were surprisingly understanding”

“It’s okay to get second opinions, ask for research from your doctor and say no if something doesn’t feel right for you. A good doctor will be understanding of this”

“That once you’ve fallen pregnant you’ve not beaten infertility until baby is here”

“When you finally have your baby, infertility stays with you but it can be a positive. It makes me more grateful for even those hard parenting times, the exhaustion, the mum guilt. I know how very lucky I am for every moment”

“Pain after egg retrieval is real! However it will pass. Be kind to yourself and keep your goal in mind”

“The amount of weight I’d put on with IVF!”

“Just how long between appointments you can have to wait. It feels forever”

“Your body will begin to feel like it’s just yours again in time”

“That a hot water bottle can help so many things before the two week wait!”

“You don’t need to feel embryo transfer. It’s over super quickly and that feeling of knowing something you’ve made, all be it with a lab, is inside you alive, at least those first few days, is heaven”

“That you are in control. If your clinic suggests something you’re not happy with you can say no”

“How intense it is emotionally. I prepared for all the physical discomfort which was nothing compared to the emotions”

“That everyone has dips in the two week wait. It’s impossible to stay positive 24/7. It won’t affect whether ti works!”

“That a lot of it is psychological. Choose to see each part as a stage closer to your baby. Be kind to yourself but don’t give in to feeling like a victim. Stay strong you warrior!”

“On an emotional level that it can fail before transfer…that had never crossed my mind! On a  practical level that the injections become part of a routine…and aren’t as scary as it may first feel. Once you’ve got the first couple under your belt it’s not so bad”

“That the hardest part is the two week wait. Not knowing what was going on inside me was killing me! Confide in some friends what you are going through. It’s much easier together and they can help keep you busy”

“That even if you don’t feel strong, you are. You will surprise yourself. You will be even stronger afterwards too”

If you have anything to add on what you wish you’d known before IVF, please pop them in the comments or email it anonymously to jules@hope_shop.co.uk


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