Top Tips for IVF from The Hope Squad

Top Tips for IVF from The Hope Squad

When you head towards IVF, there is no one better for advice than those who have already been there. I asked the hope squad over on instagram, what their top tips would be. Thank you so much to everyone that messaged in. Take a read below:

“Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t eat “perfectly”

“Tell someone supportive other than your partner…I had two best friends on whatsapp daily and I shared every injection, every emotion and every silly/painful/hopeful moment with them. I didn’t 100% explain the test date but having them on side and walking it with me kept my sanity and they helped keep me and my partner grounded throughout ”

“Believe. It’s all worth it. Acupuncture really helped me relax. Don’t eat Kale, it affects NK cells apparently!”

“Eat colourful with lots of fresh produce…but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy everything else too. At the end of the day people have succeeded on all kinds of diets. Eating healthy helps but isn’t key”

“Shoot anyone who tells you about the “power of positive thinking”

“Journal. Putting all your feelings on paper helps”

“Have a fave power song blaring out for each injection, bum bullet and sniff can make the process more kick ass”

“Having a down day will not mean it doesn’t work. Plenty of people got pregnant thinking it hadn’t worked in their two week wait!”

“Keep a diary of feelings and emotions so your future child can have a glimpse into what you experienced”

“Be careful who you tell. Initially we told everyone. Try not to take it too seriously!'”

“Be open with friends, family and colleagues. You’ll be surprised how many people tell you they have been there too! And it’s freeing not to feel the shame any more”

“Drink loads of water, stay active and exercise and don’t worry about hair fallout, it will all go back to normal”

“Don’t push yourself to feel “normal” straight after a cycle, it can take a few months for the hormones to leave your system. It’s okay to find that hard”

“Try not to let negative thoughts creep in and beat you up when you are on hormones. They cause havoc with memory and clear thinking. It’s not you, it’s them!”

“Every cycle gets you closer to the one that will work. Keep hoping”

If you have a piece of advice to add, please comment it below or email it anonymously to so I can add it for the community here

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