Free Weekly Cleaning Schedules

Free Weekly Cleaning Schedules

A few years ago we had a weekly cleaning schedule, like the free printable below, framed in the kitchen where we would notice it each day. It had just 15-30 minutes worth of chores each day, so that we were always on top of the house. Then we moved….it got packed into a box never to be seen again. And boy can I feel the affect on the house.

We’ve got into the bad habit of waiting until the weekend to clean, which means we can spend a whole morning, even a day, chasing our tails.

So as we’ve decided to start up our cleaning rota again, I figured why not share it with you too.

If you pop it into a clear glass/plastic frame, you can use a dry wipe eraser to tick of the jobs as you go. Double the sense of achievement!

It’s totally free to download and I’ll be able to let you know about any new life hacks in the future



Check out natural cleaning recipes too. You could replace your store bought chemicals with just a few amazing natural cleaners!

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