Kindness is Magic

Ever since I sold my first set of IVF milestone cards, I’ve been saying to my husband I would like all of my shops profit to go to charity. He of course thought I was mad. He saw me staying up into the early hours building the website, designing cards and T-shirts, and then staying up to make and package them up.

But finally, now that everything has got into a pattern and the initial costs of setting up a small business have been settled, I’m really proud to say it’s got there! Yesterday I officially agreed that all of the shops profits will go to charity. I have chosen Babble Giving (part of IVF Babble) as the fertility charity and I’m talking to an adoption charity, that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about soon.

I’ve also decided that the ad revenue from my YouTube channel will be donated too. It isn’t a huge amount but I like to think, that out of telling my story through our IVF diary, even the downs, some good can come from it.

I’m not a natural sales person. I’m uncomfortable shouting about what I make or do, but knowing its to go towards such amazing causes will hopefully help me get a little braver.

I’m really grateful to everyone of you who has supported by sharing the shop, or buying a product. You have helped it get to this point.

If you ever have an idea for something that would be useful to find in the shop, if you would like to discuss selling a product of yours please get in touch. And most importantly, if you have a moment to share it please do. You never know who on your Facebook page or watching your youtube channel could be going through the struggle of making a family, and if they find something they like here, you will have helped make a difference too.

Toodlepip for now. I’m off to plan some new photos for the T-shirts!

Jules x


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