Welcome. Start here

Welcome. Start here

I’m Jules,
Working and juggling. Home life lover. IVF survivor

When I first “came out” about infertility, it felt such a lonely place. Like no one was really talking about it unless they were a medical establishment trying to persuade me to part with money or a charity, under funded with limited support.

And now we look around us to find women are claiming this huge area of their lives. Owning it, unashamedly, honestly, helping everyone, struggling with fertility or not, to understand this struggle is normal. That it affects at least 1 in 8 of us.

That we really are in this together.

I aim for Hope Squad to be a supportive community inside these little walls, chatting with friends in who are either in the same boat or have never been there but have big enough hearts to just get it.

Aside from the fertility shizzle, I’m always looking for ways to calm life down, arranging BBQ’s with friends, playing on the kayak with my boy, winding my husband up or designing new things for my shop.

Put your feet up on the sofa and grab a cuppa

Any questions, you can catch me over on instagram stories most of the time

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