My IVF Medication Protocol

My IVF Medication Protocol

Everyones body, clinic and Dr will be a little different but I like to read things what others have been advised to help me research. So  while we are snuggled up watching Travellers on Netflix (once you start you can’t stop!) I thought I’d jot my IVF medication protocol down for you.

Cycle day 1-5 Progynova 2mg taken once a day

Cycle day 6-14 Progynova 4mg taken once a day

On day 14 I had my baseline scan which showed my lining was as it needed to be so he decision was made not to increase the Progynova any further

Cycle day 15-20 Progynova 4mg taken once a day and Cyclogest x 1 400mg twice a day (I do mine 8am and 8pm

Day 20 I see transfer day so they said not to use the cyclogest until after transfer that day

Then for the next 14 days I carry on with be same amount of Progynova and Cyclogest until the outcome of the pregnancy test. If it’s positive I carry on with them for the first trimester of the pregnancy until the placenta can take over.

Is this similar to what you’ve had in the past or up coming?

Good luck everyone

Jules x




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