IVF Survival Kit

A lot of you guys have been telling me you are going through your IVF this year too. So it got me thinking about what I found useful in the last fertility round and what I would recommend. This list would be useful to prepare yourself or to make for a friend going through it in an “IVF survival kit hamper” so make them smile. You can either watch in the video below or scroll down for the full written list.  Either way, good luck if your IVF is coming up, I’m throwing a truck load of baby dust at you!

  1. Lucky fluffy socks to take with you on embryo transfer day. Apparently warm feet equals a warm womb, plus it makes you feel a little more covered up with your legs akimbo!
  2. Hand sanitiser | We don’t want to be getting ill when your body is trying so hard to be a safe place for pregnancy.
  3. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid
  4. Things to make you laugh: Apparently some studies show laughter on the day of transfer and the days following can helo your embryo implant. Think funny movies, books, people and activities
  5. Prune juice | Because hormones can mess you up
  6. Panty liners | Again because of those hormones
  7. Comfy clothing | All of those hormones may leave you feeling bloated, so comfy clothes will stop anything digging in
  8. Warm clothing | It’s really important to keep your womb at a regulated temperature
  9. Coconut water | It contains electrolytes to help you stay hydrated and avoid uterine spasms,
  10. Pineapple core | Apparently the bromeline helps the lining of the womb to relax. It could be mixed into a smoothie with the coconut as a short cut
  11. Pretty makeup bag | To store meds in on the go. If it falls out of your bag people will just think its makeup.
  12. Gratitude journal/the 5 minute journal | To help keep a positive outlook and focus on the good parts of each day
  13. Decent skincare products | Because hormones can mess up your skin balance
  14. Salty snacks | You will be craving them!
  15. Exercise kit | Exercise is good for your body. Having a strong healthy body should help you get through this. Check out this post by Heidi Brockmyre for safe exercise ideas during IVF
  16. Soft cosy blanket to curl up with on the sofa during the 2 week wait and those hormone fuled emotional downers!
  17. Paracetamol for the hormone induced headaches
  18. Cozy PJ’s | again for those sofa days
  19. Positivity cards | as a reminder to think positive each day
  20. Novelty plasters | to give yourself a giggle on those injection sites
  21. Friends and family. Even if you are feeling a bit rubbish, you may be surprised how much having them around to get any thoughts out of your head and give you a laugh can help

I really hope these tips help. Good luck on your IVF journey. Let me know below or email me about how you get on! If you liked what you read feel free to subscribe to my little mailing list below


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